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About this resource

This resource assumes that the reader has experience with at least one procedural programming language, such as BASIC, Microsoft Visual Basic (VB), C, C++, Java, Pascal, Cobol, or Fortran.

This resource does not describe the basics of procedural programming (such as functions, conditional branching, and looping). Therefore, before using this documentation, non-programmers are strongly advised to learn basic programming in a language such as Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Most of the code examples provided in this documentation are written in VBA.

For more detailed instruction on the VB programming environment and on VBA, see Microsoft Visual Basic Help, which is available from the Help menu in the Macro Editor.
For a more basic introduction to macros, please see the topic “Working with macros” in the main Help file for the application. You can access the main Help from within an application by clicking Help } Help topics.
Documentation conventions

The following table explains the documentation conventions used in this resource.

Wherever you see this
You’ll find
A note — describes required conditions for performing a procedure or presents other essential information
A tip — describes helpful information such as shortcuts, alternate methods, or benefits that are related to a procedure
bold text
The name of a control or other element on the user interface
<text in italics and between angle brackets>
A placeholder for user-specified information, such as a path or filename
monospace text
A reference to coding

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