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Welcome to CorelDRAW X6 Macros Help : About additional resources

About additional resources

This topic describes how to get even more information about macros or the software.

For more information about macros

This software provides additional resources that contain helpful information about macros. These additional resources, located in the Data folder for the installed software, are described in the following table.

Description and filename
Macro Programming Guide
Provides a streamlined instructional approach to programming macros for the software
Macro Programming Guide.pdf
Object-model diagram for CorelDRAW
Provides a hierarchical representation of the CorelDRAW object model
CorelDRAW Object Model Diagram.pdf

For a more basic introduction to macros, please see the topic “Working with macros” in the main Help file for the application. You can access the main Help from within an application by clicking Help } Help topics.
For more information about the software

A variety of additional resources for the software are also available to you.

For comprehensive information about the features in the software, you can consult its installed documentation:

The program group for the software (on the Windows Start menu) includes a Documentation folder, which provides easy access to various installed resources.
Each program offers in-product Help, displayed by clicking Help } Help topics.

For even more information about the software, see the following Web-based resources.

Description and URL
CorelDRAW website
Provides the latest news, tips and tricks, and information about upgrades
Corel Support Services website
Provides prompt and accurate information about product features, specifications, pricing, availability, services, and technical support
Corel Knowledge Base
Provides a repository of articles written by the Corel Technical Support Services team in response to questions by users
CorelDRAW (and Corel DESIGNER) online community
Provides interaction with other users through sharing experiences, asking questions, and receiving help and suggestions

You can submit any comments or suggestions about the software by using the contact information provided at

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