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Getting started with macros : Using the VSTA Editor

Using the VSTA Editor

CorelDRAW provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for creating VSTA macro projects. Called the VSTA Editor, this IDE is similar to the Macro Editor (which is the IDE for VBA macro projects in CorelDRAW). You can use the VSTA Editor to perform various tasks related to VSTA macros.

By default, the software creates VSTA folders at the following location:
My Documents\Corel\VSTA\CorelDRAW
Be sure to load VSTA add-ins from the following location:
My Documents\Corel\VSTA\CorelDRAW\Addins

You can open the VSTA Editor from within CorelDRAW. Although the VSTA Editor opens in a separate window, it runs within the process of its host application. To open the VSTA Editor, do any of the following:

Click Tools } Macros } VSTA Editor on the main menu in the application.
Press Alt + Shift + F12.

To switch between the VSTA Editor and the application, use the Windows taskbar, or press Alt + Shift  F12 or Alt + Tab.

For more detailed information on VSTA and its programming environment, please consult the Help menu in the VSTA Editor.

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