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Understanding automation : How is automation coding structured? : Defining scope

Defining scope

You can define the scope of a data type or procedure (or even an object). Data types, functions, and subroutines (and members of classes) that are declared as private are visible only within that module (or file). By contrast, functions that are declared as public are visible throughout all the modules; however, you may need to use fully qualified referencing if the modules are almost out of scope — for example, if you are referencing a function in a different project.

Unlike C, VBA does not use braces — that is, the { and } symbols — to define local scope. Local scope in VBA is defined by an opening function or subroutine definition statement (that is, Function or Sub) and a matching End statement (that is, End Function or End Sub). Any variables declared within the function are available only within the scope of the function itself.

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