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Understanding automation : How is automation coding structured? : Providing message boxes and input boxes

Providing message boxes and input boxes

In VBA, you can present simple messages to the user by using the MsgBox function:

Dim retval As Long
retval = MsgBox("Click OK if you agree.", _
vbOKCancel, "Easy Message")
If retval = vbOK Then
MsgBox "You clicked OK.", vbOK, "Affirmative"
End If

You can also get strings from the user by using InputBox function:

Dim inText As String

inText = InputBox("Input some text:", "type here")

If Len(inText) > 0 Then

MsgBox "You typed the following: " & inText & "."

End If

If the user clicks Cancel, the length of the string returned in inText is zero.

For information on creating more complex user interfaces, see Making macros user-friendly.

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